A $ AP Rocky will return to Sweden later this year following his conviction for assault – Music News


    The 31-year-old rapper spent a month in jail in Stockholm when he was imprisoned Sommer was arrested after a street clash and later found guilty of assault along with co-defendants Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers.

    But four months after his release from prison on August 2, Rocky will return to Europe for a performance on December 11 at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm.

    The rapper announced the message in a poster that pointed to the ordeal with the following note: "He's back!" Billboard's statement: "After an outcry of support from his Swedish fans, he will return to Stockholm to to deliver a triumphant show for all its supporters. " Swedish Refugee ee Support Groups.

    Rocky was arrested on July 2 for his involvement in a fight before a music festival.

    Following a high-profile trial, he was found guilty of paying his 19-year-old victim Mustafa Jafari $ 1,300 in compensation.

    After Rocky was found guilty, although the prosecutor asked for a six-month prison sentence, he was not sentenced to yet another prison term, as the prosecution failed to prove that a bottle had been used for the attack.

    The court said at the time: "The attack was not severe enough to require imprisonment."

    "The defendants are therefore sentenced to conditional prison terms.

    And the hit-maker "Praise the Lord" – real name Rakim Mayers – admitted that he was "disappointed" by the verdict but wanted to "go ahead".

    On Instagram, he wrote: "Of course, I am disappointed with today's condemnation, and I would like to thank all my fans, friends, and all those who have shown love to me during this difficult time." IMMA KEEPS ON FORWARD, THANK YOU TO MY TEAM, MY MANAGEMENT, LAWYERS, LABELS, AND ALL WHO HAVE JUSTICE FOR JUSTICE. "

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