Adam Sandler responds perfectly to uncut gemstones Oscar Snub


    Adam Sandler responded perfectly to his Oscar nomination for Uncut Gemstones . He even made a reputation for The Waterboy mom actress Kathy Bates. Critics and Sandler fans were confident that his appearance in Uncut Gems would earn him his first Oscar nomination. The nominations were all announced this morning and the film received no nominations, which angered and confused many people on social media when Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker received a total of eleven nominations.

    Adam Sandler didn't seem very confident about his Oscar 2020 nomination from the start, but he really isn't the type of actor who publishes such things. However, he appreciated the support of the fans and the recognition of the critics. Since Sandler is the best in class he is, he provided the perfect answer to the Oscar engraving, which you can read below.

    "Bad news: Sandman doesn't get love from the academy. Good news: Sandman can stop wearing suits. Congratulations to all of my friends who were nominated, especially mom."

    Mama obviously refers to Kathy Bates' character in The Waterboy . Bates received an unexpected nomination from the Academy for her appearance as Bobi Jewell in Clint Eastwood's controversial Richard Jewell . The actress published a statement regarding her nomination, but unfortunately did not mention Adam Sandler or The Waterboy . She had the following to say.

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    "Many thanks to the Academy for I am very proud of this Film and it was really an honor to work with the legendary Clint Eastwood to reveal the truth of Richard Jewell, along with the incredible Paul, Sam, Olivia, Jon, Nina, Ian and Niko. I hope this film brings the justice and peace that Richard and Bobi Jewell deserve by shedding light on their history and heroism. "

    Uncut Gemstones came out of nowhere and nobody really expected to see Adam Sandler in this role. The fast-paced film was a kind of left turn for the actor, and according to many fans and critics, he killed the role. The Safdie brothers should also get some attention for the film, but it shouldn't be. Fans have used social media to reveal their discontent.

    Adam Sandler doesn't like wearing suits, so this is probably better news for him than anyone can imagine. He likes to be comfortable and a suit, as most people know, is not too comfortable for everyone. It would have been nice if the Sandman had received at least one Oscar nomination this time, but maybe it will happen someday. Right now he's going to focus on making a deliberately horrible movie, even though the academy is in a bad mood. You can Adam Sandler's Twitter response to the nudges underneath

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