Batman begins DeepFake video has replaced Robert Pattinson Christian Bale


    We'll soon see Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman but what if the Twilight Saga star was the one who played it would have? capped crusader in Batman begins ? This question was answered in a new "DeepFake" video in which Pattinson replaced Christian Bale in the first episode of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Although we first saw Pattinson in The Batman the DeepFake video helps draw a picture of what we can expect from him as Bruce Wayne's next big screen , Watch the video below.

    As can be seen in the video, Pattinson Nolan's version of Bruce Wayne takes place in a scene in which the billionaire playboy is in conversation with his trusty confidante Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman. In the clip, Lucius reveals some new Bat gadgets that Batman can play with while Bruce watches with fascination. While Bruce keeps Bale's voice, it's pretty interesting to see Pattinson looking at the batsuit in front of him to really make it in his own film. Of course, the DeepFake video doesn't show us that Pattinson is suitable as a Dark Knight, but The Batman director Matt Reeves has already shown us what it will be look like.

    Because there are many who have a hard time separating Robert Pattinson from his role as sparkling vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga there were some fan Backlash against the announcement of his casting. This is not unlike what Tim Burton's Batman star Michael Keaton went through in the 1980s when he was cast as Bruce Wayne, as many people quickly wrote him off as a comedy actor for one Role was unsuitable. As we now know, Keaton has proven the opposite to the naysayers and remains one of the most popular Batman actors to this day. Given Pattinson's appearance in The Lighthouse and other dramatic films, he had a very good chance of doing the same.

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    DeepFake-Videos like the one shown above have become very popular with many who go viral with millions of views. Recently a Back to the Future replaced DeepFake video Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as Marty and Doc with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. with very interesting results. Another DeepFake parody Home Alone replaces Macaulay Culkin with Sylvester Stallone, which is definitely one of the strangest videos of its kind you'll ever see. Of course, the one with Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman probably takes the cake as every character in Full House .

    This type of video is fun, but for those who want to see the real movie with Pattinson as Batman, you have to wait until next summer until The Batman premiered on June 25, 2021 in cinemas The result will be as successful as Batman Begins and the other Nolan films and less like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice . The DeepFake video shown above is from DeepCaked on YouTube .

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