Billie Eilish defended by Eddie Van Halen's son after he had not known his father's band – Music News


    Billie Eilish was defended by Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang after she admitted in an interview recently that she did not know his father Van Halen's band.

    During a gig with Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last month, the moderator talked about Billie's unbelievable success at the tender age of just 17, and asked the singer about some things that were popular in 1984 at the age of 17.

    He asked her to "name" a Van Halen, "Billie looked amused before answering," Who? "Their response sparked a backlash among fans of the legendary band, many of whom criticized the Bad Guy star in social media for their lack of musical knowledge.

    However, on Monday, Wolfgang, the Son of frontman Eddie, defended Billie.

    "If you have not heard of @billieeilish, look at it," he tweeted. "She's cool. If you have not heard anything about VanHalen, look at it. They are cool too. Music should bring us together, not separate us. Listen to what you want and do not shame others. "Know what you like."

    Rob Sheridan, Art Director of Nine Inch Nails, also commented on the controversy and tweeted, "Stell Imagine you were a teenager in the '90s and people were shocked at what you did not do (singer) Perry Como or interested in. Because SO IS OLD VAN HALEN NOW. "

    In the meantime, Billies Star continues to rise after being honored as recipient of three of Apple's five first-ever awards on Monday – including the Global Artist of the Year and the Album of the Year, when we all fall asleep, where are we going? In addition to her brother Finneas, she is awarded the Songwriter of the Year.

    Lizzo receives the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award, while Lil Nas X receives the Song of the Year award for his performance Hit Old Town Road.

    Billie will celebrate her success at the Awards with a gig at the Steve Jobs Theater on California's Apple campus on December 4th.

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