Cheryl had an "irrational" fear that her son would be exchanged at birth – Music News


    The "Call My Name" hitmaker – the two-year-old bear with the former partner Liam Payne has – refused to be separated from her baby when they were still in the hospital after his birth because she was convinced that she would get the wrong child back.

    I read this story about two girls who were exchanged at birth and who went through my mind. I was so irrational … I did not want anyone to take him with me. "


    The 36-year-old star explained how her son's unusual nickname came from a nickname he had received at the hospital when she initially had difficulty finding a unique name.

    Speaking to Ru Paul's and Michelle Visages' podcast, "What's The Tee," she said, "When I was in the hospital, he made those noises. We had specialists who came to see what had happened at the time, he was breathing like – very sweet, but nothing disturbing.

    "It was just him." The midwife always came in and said, "How is the little bear?" I did not have the name before …

    "I could not get the nickname to forget. We played with others, but I did not want him to be the third one and so I wanted him to have a unique name. "

    Cheryl's own name has garnered some attention over the years after she discarded her surname Tweedy for that of her husbands Ashley Cole and Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, and she admitted that it was a" tricky one. " Thing was to find her way.

    When she was asked if she regretted having changed her stage name for her married name, she admitted, "Yes, I do. But it is not a difficult thing it? "I was Cheryl Tweedy, and then I got married and was married to him for six years.

    "Then we broke up and it was my name, until then everyone knew me.
    "And then you meet someone, then people call you by the name of your previous husband, it's difficult."

    Ru then joked that he could not pronounce her second married name and his guest joked : "You do not have to, you can forget everything, we're not worried about that."

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