Danny O "Donoghue from the script says," Every girl he was with "thinks disconnect songs are about them – Music News


    The Irish frontman tells His exen never wonder if one of their tunes is based on their relationship, but he secretly hopes that they will know so he can get his own back.

    When Danny talked about the band's first big hit, "The Man Who Can not Be Moved," he told the Daily Star's "Wired" column, "I never warn them, no, I have just let them hear. "

    "Strangely, you do not want them to know because you do not want to pay homage to them.

    "In & # 39; The Man Who Can not Be Moved" We chose a metaphorical character to take on the role so she will not find it, but in the middle of the eight. " Maybe I'll become famous as the man who can not be moved, and one day you'll see me on the news – that's right with the person. "

    He added," Look, we want her to drive her car one day and leave: & # 39; F *** that b *** ** Do you know what I'm saying?

    "But every girl I've been with in the past thinks it's about her!"

    The 39-year-old boy admitted he could not imagine anything worse than "going into a room and everyone you've ever been with was in the room."

    The band returned today with their sixth album "Sunsets & Full Moons" (08.11.19) and the "Hall of Fame" hitmakers admitted that they had gone "back to basics" after being accused of being at their home last attempt, the "Freedom Child" of 2017, to become "a bit too political".

    Danny said, "This album is back in the middle, back to basics, back to ourselves. People thought our last album was a bit too political."

    In the meantime, there was the heartthrob, who had been through a difficult time in 2018 following his separation from longtime model girlfriend Anne De Paula, gave fans an insight into his unrestrained love life.

    When asked how often he plays with a bedroom happily, he said, "I try every day. I feel very sexually active in a relationship great. "

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