FKA Twigs had to learn to "decouple" after their separation from Robert Pattinson – Music News


    The 31-year-old singer has the actor "Batman" between 2014 and 2017 with the Couple even triggered engagement rumors, and after their breakup, the musician has now said that it took a while for her to break away from the relationship.

    She said, "Unmeshing, as when you're with someone, your life is very intertwined with how your friends and family and your routine. And then the unbundling is that you are then alone and then find your own morning routine or your nightly routine. Even something as simple as, wow, now I can decorate the living room the way I want it. Do you know what I mean?

    "Well, I really needed to find out who I was, but I always knew who I was. I've always really known who I am, but it's just a kind of discovery that figuring out who I am in an adult crisis was a big deal. "

    In December 2017, the Cellophane singer was operated on to remove fibroid tumors from her uterus, saying that it was difficult to have any partner during her recovery because she had no one to ask for support ,

    She added, "I mean, I remember that my surgery was awake. As if my family had gone home, my friends would have gone home and just had no one to call, not because no one loves you or not, because there really is no one to call. But only because why? Say, if you're in a relationship, something good happens, and you have someone you can call, and just say something stupid or bad happens. You can just call and say something that is a minor. And it does not have to be a big deal. You could not just share, but then that was gone.

    "Well, I remember that I woke up and it was just nobody. I did not want to call my mother and strain her or something. She had just come back. I did not want anything to happen as if something was wrong, but as if I was just waking up and saying, 'Oh, that's just me. "

    Twigs now feels" great "as a single woman because she has learned how to deal with the problem on her own.

    Speaking to Zane Low of Beats 1 Radio from Apple Music, she said, "But that's great, too. It is great. And I have a dog and we're hanging out and I feel like I've never known myself better. I never felt younger. I feel like a little kid in me that is alive.

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