Jharrel Jerome thinks playing Spider-Man in a Miles Morales movie would be tight


    Young actor Jharrel Jerome stated that his dream role was giving up the big screen that would be from Miles Morales in live action form. Jerome chose this as his most coveted role when he spoke at the Critics' Choice Awards, and after being asked what his dream role would be, he couldn't resist raving about his desire to portray Spider-Man.

    "Miles Morales, live action Spider-Man . That would be close, that would be close."

    The actor did not even hesitate when asked what his dream role would be to be a serious Spider-Man candidate if they ever decided to watch a live-action movie about Miles Morales . The 22-year-old actor has already proven himself to be one of the most talented young actors, with roles in such highly acclaimed works as Moonlight Mr Mercedes and Netflix & # 39; mighty miniseries When they saw us surely nobody had any problems to be suitable as our friendly district Spider-Man.

    Then Jerome was asked what was next for him. His prize winning and the actor showed his humility and gratitude to have so many opportunities at his feet.

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    "It was a dream. If you dream of being an actor, you know you are not exactly what type of actor you will be or what role you will play. So the fact that I am in this position at this age I am grateful and I just want to go ahead and do it for my people, that’s all . "

    Jerome received the Critics & # 39; Choice Award for Best Actor in a limited series for When They See Us. This is undoubtedly only the first of many awards that will be given to these extremely talented young actors in the future.

    Of course, Jerome may still have to play the actor Shameik Moore as far as Miles Morales is concerned, who pronounced the teenage Morales in 2018s pioneering Spider-Man: Into the Spider -Verse who also expressed interest in bringing the character to life in live action.

    "I definitely want to be Miles Morales' live action. I understand that he is a young child, but hopefully you know that they can play with time and put me there. But I am grateful for the opportunity. I would like to fight Tom Hardy as Venom against Miles. You know what I mean? That would be great. I would like to play on screen with my favorite actor. "

    With two such incredibly talented young actors who want to play Morales, Sony will no doubt have no problem casting the role if they choose live action, and since Morbius 's upcoming place in the cinematic universe is so confused and the film is obvious not paying attention to continuity, we could see Miles much earlier than we thought coming to us through Variety .

     Jon Fuge in Movieweb

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