M. Night Shyamalan calls his next 3 films Weird and Dark


    M. Night Shyamalan does not have two but three films in development. The director says that the three films are "weird and dark". Shyamalan acts according to his own rules and finances his projects himself, which gives him even more freedom to do what he wants. This sometimes has its drawbacks, because no one is to blame than he, if he does not hit the mark. The reactions to Glas left him broken, but he was the one behind it, and so he benefited financially when the film became a blockbuster.

    M. Night Shyamalan is currently promoting the new series of AppleTV + Servant . The director can not just talk about the show because everyone wants to know what's going on with these new movies he's released. There is a M. Night Shyamalan 2021 film and a M. Night Shyamalan 2023 film coming. When asked if the projects were linked, the director said no, but said he had an idea for a third one. He explains.

    "I just had two movie ideas that were very dear to me . For me there are ideas and they are sometimes in magazines and they do not quite have the meat anyway, or whatever all of this, I'm willing to spend two years of my life doing this – writing and staging this – some of those ideas do not have that yet, you have to gesticulate a bit, but there were two ideas in it Interestingly, a third thing came to my mind that might be between them, so it could be three. "

    The upcoming projects are not related but tonal connective tissue. M. Night Shyamalan knows what he is doing at this time and how he can achieve what he wants to see on the big screen. And it looks like he's working pretty fast to complete all three projects. Shyamalan had the following to say:

    "I love this approach from The Visit where they are minimal contain, I own them, we take great sonic risks and try to beat this absurd-but-down-to-earth tone, that sombre humor that deals with some complicated things and does not necessarily get the audience to where it feels comfortable, both while and at the end I feel like I'm a good partner for my distributors .

    I like this because it allows me to repeat myself very quickly in making these stories, so these films follow this architecture of approach and process. If it makes me go more dangerous, it works because I think, when I think of these three films that I think about – all weird and dark – that they talk a little bit together. "

    " Eerie and dark Kel "certainly sounds fascinating when talking about M. N Night Shyamalan. The director will not comment on what the films are about, although he said earlier that they will have unexpected sounds. Funny and dark, this shape could fit very well, especially if Shyamalan says he wants "great sonic risks" and tries to hit that absurdly-but-primed "dark humor.

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    M. Night Shyamalan will most likely begin production of the first of the proposed projects early next year, since the release date is Feb. 26 It will be very interesting to see where the director chooses, because at the moment he can basically do anything he wants, he has his system and it works very well for him. "Interview with M. Night Shyamalan was originally led by Collider .

     Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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