New Scream movie brings Ghostface back to the screen


    Ghostface celebrates a comeback. A new Scream movie is in the works, though it is not known if this will officially be known as Scream 5 or whether it will is a reboot of the franchise. There are only a few details about the project, but after nearly a decade, this legendary horror franchise is preparing to return to the screen and provide meta-scares for a new generation. Will it be the same without the franchise creator and horror master Wes Craven? That will be a persistent big question.

    Bloody Disgusting reports that the Spyglass Media Group has acquired the rights to the Scream franchise. The company, which was restarted as a content company earlier this year, was able to secure the rights following Harvey Weinstein's fallout. Weinstein's Dimension Films had produced all previous films and Lantern Entertainment acquired the studio's assets after the studio filed for bankruptcy. Spyglass apparently made a deal with Lantern to realize this new Ghostface movie . The exact details were not yet announced at this time, but after the fallout of Dimension Films, this seemed inevitable.

    Spyglass also develops a Hellraiser remake of David S. Goyer ( Man of Steel ). This property was also owned by Dimension Films in front of the Tartar Scandal . The biggest question right now is whether this will be a sequel or a kind of remake / reboot. There is currently no word about it. The ad at this time is that Scream franchise co-creator Kevin Williamson will not return to write the script. Wes Craven filmed all four Scream movies before his death in 2015. Currently, it is not known who is eligible for writing the film, nor is it clear who might end up in the director's chair. It seems that things are still at a very early stage.

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    Scream helped revive The Slasher Genre was released in 1996 , Wes Craven, who had previously created A Nightmare on Elm Street provided a meta-interpretation of the horror genre that worked extensively with the audience. The film was extremely successful and raised $ 173 million at the box office. Three sequels were made, Scream 2, Scream 3 and Scream 4. Wes Craven planned to make Scream 5 but they passed by before that could happen , To date, the series has earned $ 603 million worldwide, making it one of history's biggest horror franchise companies. The films also cemented Sidney Prescott by Neve Campbell as an iconic scream queen.

    A television series that plays in the same universe as the movies was aired in three seasons, with the first two being aired on MTV and Season 3 way to VH1 earlier this year. In recent years there has been talk of a renewed visit by Scream . Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions called this a franchise, which he wanted to tackle after the success of Halloween last year. David Arquette had previously expressed an interest in returning to Scream 5 if it ever happened, and Neve Campbell did not rule out the possibility. We will keep you informed as soon as further details of the project are announced.

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