Niall Horan promises that One Direction will "come back with a bang" – Music News


    Niall Horan has promised that One Direction will "come back with a bang" when it does decide when the time has come right to a reunion.

    The band was interrupted indefinitely at the end of 2015, and all four remaining members and ex-bandmate Zayn Malik began solo projects.

    In an Interview on an Australian Television Show The project on Monday, Niall said it was a "collective decision" to take a long break from the band – but they will eventually return bigger than ever.

    "It was a collective decision" commenting on 26-year-old. "We've done five albums, five years, five tours, and at some point it takes its toll, and people always said," You're young. You can do it. "They try."

    "We obviously had a lot of fun, but you get tired and take a break and do something like that … when it happens again, we'll come back with a bang."

    Niall's bandmate Liam Payne also raised the reasons for the group to go on to pause in a new interview with The Guardian – it turned out they all needed a break from the pressure to be in the largest group in the world.

    "It was a bit dark and twisted towards the end," Liam said, "But the last shows were really nice moments because the pressure cooker had been turned off.

    " It was almost like this as if counting down on vacation – we would wake up on a Monday morning without a timetable.

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