Ozzy Osbourne has released his new album & # 39; Ordinary Man & # 39; as a gift of a higher power & # 39; Announced – Music News


    Ozzy Osbourne has released his new album & Ordinary Man & # 39; Announced that he says is a "gift from a higher power".

    The former Black Sabbath frontman kicked off his first solo record since 2010 with his brand new single "Under The Graveyard," his first in almost a decade.

    The legendary Rocker was hospitalized with pneumonia earlier this year, and soon after suffered a fall in his Los Angeles home that broke the metal bars in his spine after a quad accident 2003, which had tied him on the sofa.

    Ozzy ordered rapper Post Malone for "Rescue" by asking him to appear on his latest single, "Take What You Want," and as a result of Die Sessions with producer Andrew Watt, the & # 39; ; Crazy Train & # 39; hitter, started at & # 39; Ordinary "to work Man" with the studio wizard.

    He said, "This album was a gift from my higher power – it's a proof to me that you should never give up." Andrew on guitar, Guns N & Roses rocker Duff McKagan on bass and Chad Smith on drums by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Ozzy, 70, said, "It all started when [his daughter]" Kelly walks in and says, "Would you like to work on a Post Malone song?"

    "My first time was, who the hell is Post Malone ?!"

    "I went to Andrew's [Watt] house and he said we would work very fast."

    "After completing this song, he said," Would you be interested in an album to start? "

    I said that would be damn good, but now I think I do not want to work half a year in a basement workshop!

    "And in a short time we finished the album.

    " Duf f [McKagan] and Chad [Smith] came in and we went in and jam during the day and I worked on the evening songs.

    "I had previously said to Sharon [Osbourne, his wife] I should have made an album, but in the back of my mind I wanted to say" I do not have the damn power … "but Andrew pulled it out of me.

    "I really hope people listen and enjoy it because I put my heart and soul into this album. "

    The & # 39; paranoid & # 39; singer added that & # 39; Ordinary Man is "the most important" record he has made in "probably" 28 years.
    He said, "This is probably the most important album I've done in a long time, probably since (1991) & # 39; No More Tears & # 39 ;."

    Ozzy's wife Sharon recently teased the record will be released in January 2020, but an official date has yet to be confirmed.

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