R. Kelly's former girlfriend, Azriel Clary, is ready to "let the healing process begin" – music news


    The 22-year-old lived with the disgraced singer Bail for various sexual crimes – since she was 17 but decided to leave last week after an alleged physical fight with his other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, and is happy to be back with her family.

    Instagram to share a series of photos of herself and her relatives in matching outfits and wrote: "" Surprise [party emoji] Let the healing process begin. Love and thank you.

    "I even thank everyone who follows me … because they all believed in me when I couldn't believe for themselves. [Prayer and butterfly emojis] #movingontobetterdays (sic)"

    Azriel's mother Alice Clary shared her joy last week when she announced that her daughter had "come to her senses" and had returned home.

    She said: "The battle is won because it is still here." she is still alive, she is still breathing and although she has lost a few years of her life, she is still here to tell her story.

    "Because I have not withdrawn her in her life, she is here now and we can say that the victory is won because she has finally come to her senses and is back home with her family.

    "People don't understand that she's hurt. This man lied to her for years, and she was doing what she thought a good friend would do because she thought so. "

    The hit maker & # 39; Ignition & # 39; denied the abuse or abused Azriel, but her mother insists that she is a victim and has been" stagnated "by the singer for years and still is has the "mental ability" of a teenager.

    She told People magazine: "Everyone has something to say, she was 17 when she left. Now she's 22, but you know what? She has had problems in the past few years.

    "Perhaps as a young woman she did things that grew physically, but not mentally. She still has the mental capacity of a 17-year-old because he kept her quiet for years and did not leave her with her family

    "She didn't do the same thing as other young girls, so she didn't learn any lessons. All she learned was that it was with him.

    "This whole ordeal is twisted, and unfortunately people and the media and all don't see it that way …
    " My daughter couldn't either because of the decisions she made when she was 17 or I can fight and help her grow.

    "To be honest, the fight was won because it is still here. It is still alive."

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