Robert Pattinson is ready to take the Batman in a really crazy new direction


    There are few upcoming superhero films that have generated as much interest as Matt Reeves & # 39; Attitude to The Batman although the studio kept the project largely secret. Fans are particularly excited about Robert Pattinson's new version of Bruce Wayne / Batman, and the actor has recently expressed his own interest to Empire Magazine to take the character further than ever.

    "The only thing that is more complicated is once you make a R-Rated movie you are free to do so many things. Regarding the character itself, I want to push it as far as possible. And I think Matt Reeves does that too. You can do crazy things with this part. "

    R ratings are relatively difficult to get for superhero films because most studios do Viewing films as potential money Cows and an R rating mean that theater audiences will be restricted and box office revenue will decrease. With the recent massive financial success of Joker and Deadpool as R-rated films, this way of thinking could change.

    As far as we know, The Batman like any other Batman film, will continue to be released as a PG-13 film. This means that the film does not show graphic scenes of violence or nudity that are considered inappropriate for a younger audience.

    Batman is a hero that fans have often seen in an R-rated film. Given the difficult nature of Batman's daily struggle against psychopaths serial killers and the general criminal underpinnings of one of the most corrupt fictional cities, Gotham, Fandom has a popular school of thought that could only have an R-rated feature film on Batman's journey really do justice to the big screen.

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    But even without an R rating, The Dark Knight cuts in the Live action department does quite well. For a long time, he was the only DC superhero whose films were both successful at the box office and critically acclaimed, besides being the only superhero whose film had an Oscar-winning performance.

    It will be interesting to see what Robert Pattinson means by "Crazy Stuff" that he wants to do with the figure. Bruce Wayne is known to be one of the most tortured characters in the comic. He constantly deals with the guilt of his parents' death and uses his anger over the painful memory to wage an endless, lonely war against the forces of evil that are afflicting Gotham.

    The most extreme interpretations of Batman from the comics caused him to die the KGBeast in solitary confinement, to overthrow the Justice League with his traps and to send himself on a hallucinogenic journey with the toxins of the scarecrow Losing memory and mentally breaking and using a set of markers that he had previously planted to go on a blood-soaked journey back to reason and self-discovery.

    In other words, there are many precedents for some of the really crazy things Pattinson's Batman can indulge in, and Matt Reeves undoubtedly has his own ideas of which dirty, winding roads should crash the Caped Crusader. It remains to be seen whether we will see the R-Rated or PG-13 version of this trip. This message comes from Heroic Hollywood .

    Neeraj Chand

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