Roman Polanski faces new rape allegations from 1975


    Roman Polanski is accused of raping the French actress Valentine Monnier. Polanski, the director behind films such as Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby was accused in 1975 of sexually assaulting Monnier. Monnier reported in a French publication on the alleged encounter. Here's what she had to say.

    "In 1975 I was raped by Roman Polanski I had no personal or professional connection with him and hardly knew him.This was an extreme act of violence after we skied in his chalet in Gstaad He beat me, ripped off my clothes until I surrendered, and forced me to submit to a series of unpleasant acts – I was just 18 years old. "

    This is far from being the first time that Roman Polanski is accused of sexual abuse . The filmmaker was known to be charged with the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Before Polanski could be convicted, he fled the US and has been living in exile in France ever since. Nevertheless, he remains a prominent filmmaker, with his latest film An Officer and a Spy competing for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

    It's because of Polanski's new movie that Valentine Monnier had a say. An officer and spy prepare for a theater debut in France. Speaking further, Monnier challenges the subject of the film, which concerns the unlawful imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus, a major French captain in the twentieth century.

    "Art and artists separate, we & # 39; We've heard that in recent years, and yet Polanski keeps relaying the story he's been trying to overcome for many years into the film, bringing his own story closer to Dreyfus', to the point where he pretends to be an actress victim of the same rage of lost processes and media.Polanski is not the victim of anyone except himself and I do not have anymore the election [to stay silent]. "

    To follow Monnier's report, several others confirmed their story by saying that she had told them shortly after the event. Roman Polanski did not personally respond to the allegations, but denied them. His lawyer issued the following statement on behalf of Polanski.

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    " Roman Polanski strongly rejects any allegation of rape [PersonallyIcanonlyaddthattheallegedactiontookplace40yearsagoandthattheyhaveneverbeennoticedinallthoselongyearsUnderthesecircumstancesIstronglyprotestagainstthereleaseoftheseallegationsontheeveofthefilm"

    The Harvey-Weinstein scandal opened the door to similar allegations of sexual misconduct against celebrities in Hollywood after the once powerful Mogul was accused of serious sexual abuse and abuse of power by several women. This ushered in the #Metoo movement and the founding of Time's Up. In the two years since many victims have come forward to share stories that had not previously been publicly revealed. This news was first reported by Le Parisien .

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