Selena Gomez has annoyed a new song called "Boyfriend" – Music News


    . The 27-year-old singer – who has not confirmed who or what the tune is about or when it was written – admitted that she recorded a number of tracks during her & # 39; Rare & # 39; sessions who didn't manage the cut for their last album.

    As Selena in & # 39; When the Tonight Show appeared with Jimmy Fallon & # 39; she was asked if she had any unpublished but finished songs that she wanted to drop and tease: "Maybe there are a couple of things, yes.

    "There are a few other songs that I can't help but exist, so I can & # 39; I can't really say when – but one of my favorite tracks is called & # 39; Boyfriend & # 39; and I can't wait for people to hear it. "

    The hit maker & # 39; Lose You to Love Me & # 39; released the new collection – their first album in five years, after the & # 39; Revival & # 39; of 2015 – on the 10th January, and she admitted that the album was "a nightmare she had to deal with."

    She recently dived Plained: "Honestly, this album was kind of a nightmare, but at the best possible Way.

    "I thought I was as ready as I was two years ago … I had all of these sessions, nice sessions that I don't even remember by half because it has evolved every year. "

    Selena has been struggling with some health problems in recent years, including a kidney transplant as part of her fight against Lupus 2017, and she admitted that" very drastic "changes in her life led to her album becoming one went in a different direction than originally intended.

    She said: "And then something would happen to me and it would be very drastic, so it would take me somewhere else.

    " And then suddenly I found this cure and I saw something bigger as I thought. And I think that added the whole end of the album too. "

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