Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor works with Tom Savini to stage the first horror film.


    Slipknot singer Corey Taylor makes a horror film with legendary FX guru Tom Savini and his team. We previously reported on Taylor's plans to try filmmaking when the singer announced that he had written a horror film script that had plans to continue the project at a later date. Now the project has instantly created a lot of credibility by involving Savini's Tom Savini Studios to provide the FX for the film, which also suggests that the use of CGI will be minimal.

    Savini's right man in Tom Savini studios confirmed Jason Baker's collaboration by talking about his involvement in Taylor's horror project. "I am thrilled that we can finally speak slowly that Tom and I will be involved in the new horror film Corey Taylor and that we will take care of the special makeup effects for it," said Baker recently on Daily Dead. He adds: "We always had a great time working with Corey, doing his masks and everything, but the best thing about working with him is that I found a friend. Corey is a wonderful, fun person to meet can be together. "

    Details can now be seen in Corey Taylor's horror film which the Slipknot frontman has in store for us with his directorial debut. For Savinis Studio, it certainly means a lot to get involved and give the project the seal of approval of one of the best masterminds of the genre. While Baker says he can't go into details, the effects artist describes Taylor's script as "totally polished," not that we expected less. With the project moving at a fairly steady pace so far, we will likely learn more information about the film soon.

    Taylor made headlines just last month when he revealed that his first horror film script had been completed. For his part, Taylor did not reveal a single detail about the film's plot, although he emphasized that he was "really excited" about the project. The musician also mentioned to Rolling Stone his plans to make the horror film, and noted that he was "aggressively looking for investors and producers". Savini's involvement will surely create further intrigue among fans of the horror genre, and development also suggests that the film's production is on the right track.

    Oddly, Taylor will not be the first member of . Slipknot on the transition to a career as a filmmaker. Shawn Crahan, also known as the band's clown, made his own film in 2016 about a deceased policeman who had risen to continue his war on crime. Taylor was seen in the film for a special appearance, and it is possible that experience led to the Slipknot frontman having their own interests in tracking the film work. In any case, this film will be a horror film that should also be watched by those who are not familiar with the music of Slipknot or Stone Sour. This message comes to us from Daily Dead .

     Jeremy Dick at Movieweb

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