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    Lucasfilm has released a new trailer for Star Wars: The High Republic Publishing Campaign . It turned out to be the mysterious Luminous project that we had heard of. What fans will get is a massive publishing initiative spread across different publishers in different media, delivering brand new stories in an unknown area in a distant galaxy. The trailer shows how massive this initiative is and how much thought and time has been spent to make it a reality.

    The trailer opens with massive sweeping shots of Coruscant and other parts of the galaxy. Things look wealthy. Recordings from the prequels are shuffled, but this happens about 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace so this goes fairly far back in the timeline to an area that has not been explored much. The trailer for the project Project Luminous shows the following text, which defines what will come.

    "Hundreds of years before the Skywalker saga, the Galactic Republic was at its peak. Protected by the Jedi Knights the keepers of peace and justice across the galaxy. But a terrifying one new enemy looms … "

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    We will then proceed to how it all started , Experienced Star Wars writers such as Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, Cavan Scott and Charles Soule went to Skywalker Ranch in 2018 and were given an empty board to dream big. They made it up. "For over 1,000 generations, the Jedi Knights have been the keepers of peace and justice " is the line that serves as the core of this new era of storytelling. We will see the Jedi at the peak of their power. The story begins with what they call "the great catastrophe" that they don't say much about yet.

    The Jedi are known as "Jedi Knights of the Round Table". We see many of the new Jedi on concept art that is really impressive and visually reminiscent of Star Wars in the 90s. As we can see, Iain McCaig, the man responsible for Darth Maul's appearance, came in to do some artwork. New smugglers, villains and bounty hunters are also teased. Most importantly, the initiative's main villains, known as Nihil, are known as "Vikings of Space" and live by the menacing motto.

    "You can't take it with you, but we can take it from you."

    Many fans have asked for something new in this franchise, and although it is not a film, this certainly seems to qualify , Claudia Grays Into the Dark Justin Ireland A Test of Courage and Charles Soules Light of the Jedi will be the first books where IDW Daniel Jose Older & # 39 ; s released Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comic and Marvel launch Cavan Scott's Star Wars: The High Republic comic. The first titles will be released in August during the Star Wars Celebration. Convince yourself of the trailer. This message comes to us via

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