The Irish iPhone dispute receives a response from Martin Scorsese and Netflix


    Despite Martin Scorsese's Crime drama The Irishman Received a LOT Of critics love, the Internet seems to have responded unexpectedly to the movie. Many call the film "boring" and wonder if it's worth watching the three-hour epic on the tiny monitor of their cell phone.

    Well, Netflix's streaming service, which has naturally released the film, has now responded to fans' questions as to what consequences it could have when Scorsese's masterpiece hit a handheld screen is reduced.

    "He will definitely show up, but instead of a flogging he will sit across the length of the movie and grandfatherly sparkle with his eyes that" it's alright, my kid, formats and presentation matters, but yours Art experience is valid no matter how you receive it. "

    Whether the legendary director's response is so philosophically mild is controversial, and instead he might react in a similar way to the violent gangsters he brings so well to the screen." This Netflix tweet responds to a specific one User worried that Martin Scorsese might hand out blows.

    "Debated watching The Irishman on my mobile for this four-hour bus ride, but I feel like Scorsese magically shows up and slaps my ass if I do that.

    These concerns from fans are due to discussions that Scorsese has been conducting since the release of The Irishman last week, with the director admittedly not even considering that people could use their cell phone to watch the movie.

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    "I never did thought. I never thought of that. Of course, I could say that I've had strange experiences over the past twenty years. I made films for both the television and the theater, in terms of screen size. Never for a phone. I do not know how to do it. I wish I could, I do not know how. No, I do not understand it.

    Although his feelings about blinking on a cell phone are rather negative, when looking at his back catalog on an iPad, he seems to look a little less expensive, as long as it's a big one.

    "Well, I would suggest – if you ever want to see one of my pictures or most of the movies – please do not watch it on a phone, please. An iPad, a big iPad maybe. "

    But ultimately, the theater is the place where he believes he has the best viewing experience, while surprisingly recognizing the sheer length of his latest efforts." Really, Scorsese just wants audiences to be treated The Irishman with some respect.

    "I'm not saying 'Oh, I did it.' It was an interesting narrative structure that involved me every time. In a fun way, I've managed to cover all the basics of how to see this picture. Ideally, I want you to go to a theater and watch it from start to finish on a big screen. And I know it's long – you have to get up, you have to go to the bathroom, something like that, I understand – but also at home, I think, if you can make a night of it, or an afternoon of it, and know that you do not pick up the phone or get up too much, it might work.

    Despite the boredom-screaming of a subgroup of film fans and the desire to see that movie on the go, The Irishman currently sits at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and is considered by many critics to be one of the best films of the year. Netflix movie Twitter .

     Jon Fuge at Movieweb

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