The rise of Skywalker, despite rumors of work stoppages, failed to test


    Star Wars fans eagerly await the final of the Skywalker saga with J.J. Abrams & # 39; The Rise of Skywalker and find out if he has captured the landing or not. Of course, not all are so zealous, as the usual culprits of the Star Wars fandom are already spreading vicious rumors that test screenings for the movie have been poorly received and people are even storming.

    Fortunately JJ Abrams himself has suppressed these rumors, claiming that the film has not even had test screenings and that he has not even seen the final product. When asked if anyone had already seen the finished product, the director said so.

    "Oh yes, yes. Sure, I mean the final? The way it works is that you make the mix, you go back and forth between two different places, how you make the picture in the place of color correction, you make the sound while mixing, so that's how you get it in pieces where you say, "Oh, that looks great!" but there is no sound. And then you go and you say, "Oh, that sounds unbelievable!" Then you still put pieces in your head, but of course I showed it to a screening with friends and family, but we've never done a test screening. "

    So it sounds as if only his friends and family are lucky (or unlucky) (depending on your opinion) who have seen the movie in its entirety so far Test shows are good or bad, is controversial, no doubt the dark side of the Star Wars fanbase will use it as proof that the movie will bring about the end of the movie we know, of course it could be proof for Disney's reliance on Abrams to bring this new trilogy to a happy ending. will also be Carrie Fisher's last major screen appearance after her tragic death in 2016. Although Abrams remained vague as to whether Fischer's family was watching the movie

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    I do not think so It's all my place, though I'd like to go and talk about it, but I'll say it Nothing was more important to me than making sure we did something that Carrie himself would have been happy and proud of. And I feel like we did that.

    Lastly, Abrams was asked if George Lucas was inducted into 'Friends and Family' and whether he became Star Wars creator blessed with the film, especially considering his vocal disappointment with some elements of the Disney trilogy.

    "We have just finished it and he always sees it completely. So I'm looking forward to hearing from him. But I feel happiest because I feel like we've been telling a story that if you look at all nine films as a kind of new story, I think there really is a sense that there is that central History, this inevitability – and I'm just – I could not be more proud of the work this cast and crew has done.

    Taking these answers into account, it may sound as if no one has ever seen The rise of Skywalker in all its splendor (or shame), but we'll all get this chance when the movie hits the screens on December 20, 2019. This is from Esquire .

     Jon Fuge at Movieweb

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