The Tokoloshe Trailer Unlocks a Terrible Urban Legend [Exclusive]


    In our exclusive trailer was created for The Tokoloshe aroused something terrible. This thriller, described as Grudge -like horror movie, is based on an urban legend. And it will be here to shock and scare the audience this holiday season when it arrives in December.

    Jerome Pikwanes Bloodsuck Ode to the Mythical Creature The Tokoloshe is meant to frighten the public wanting Halloween could take all year round. Uncork's Entertainment Unleashed The Tokoloshe Director Jerome Pikwanes' fearsome fictional depiction of mythological creature on digital platforms and CDs starting Dec. 3 Even watch the trailer ?

    Busi, a young destitute woman with dangerously suppressed emotions, gets a cleaning job in a rundown hospital in the heart of Johannesburg. Desperate for the money to bring her younger sister to Johannesburg, she has to cope despite the predatory and corrupt hospital manager.

    When Busi discovers an abandoned young girl in the hospital who believes she was tormented by a supernatural force Busi must face her own demons from her past to expose the child to the abusive monster to rescue them both relentlessly.

    By the writers Richard Kunzmann and Jerome Pikwane and with Petronella Tshuma, Kwande Nkosi and Dawid Minnaar, directed by Jerome Pikwane The Tokoloshe . Jerome Pikwane makes his directorial debut with The Tokoloshe . Previously, he worked in the camera and electronics department as well as in the sound department of the short film Bar Barons where he served as both a grip and a boom operator. This is also Richard Kunzmann's first merit as a screenwriter.

    The myth of Tokoloshe is very real and still very much alive. Only last October, on the way to Halloween, the real triple murderer Colin Pillay claimed that his wife had been killed by a Tokoloshe, although she had reportedly been labeled a suicide. The killer claimed that the woman was cursed with black magic fifteen years before his murder conviction and pleaded that he was not a suspect of her death. He was later convicted of three murders of his married girlfriend and two daughters. This all happened in Phoenix and looks almost like a viral commercial for the movie coming to us this December.

    Tokoloshes are originally creatures of Zulu mythology living in South Africa. These creatures attack you as you sleep and are said to be part of the reason, while many people in the Zulu culture slept with their beds raised from the ground. Jerome Pikwanes promise to explore this unique myth and add some of his personal twists and successes to it.

    The official trailer for The Tokoloshe can be found here. directly from Uncork's Entertainment . We also have the official poster and stills for The Tokoloshe .

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